399 Hiroshi Kikuchi/Basso Continuo


Hiroshi Kikuchi: Basso Continuo
Contemporary Architect's Concept Series 15

136 pages / full color
publisher:LIXIL Publishing
ISBN: 978-4-86480005-1



Not getting color
Under the spell of white
Escape from white
Light pouring in from outside
The day I saw color
Mysteries overhead
Between extremes of velocity
Amid complexity
The reach of light
Amid dark colors
Human beings and light
Awkward relationships
People and light, entering from different places
Light at play in a world of a few centimeters
Crushing space
Deep spaces
Brightness invites darkness
Walls determine brightness
Bright colors
The color between colors
Colors vary in latitude
Color varies with direction
Color varies with the time
Making a sun
Bringing in light from overhead
Grand rhythms
The sequence of light on objects
Distant objects, nearby objects

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